EOX 175

The versatile tractor for all tasks

The EOX 175 makes farmers’ work easier, more efficient and more profitable. Our dream is to support farmers with smart and clean machines, optimised for Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF).

Heavy machinery may increase capacity in agriculture, but it causes a lot of soil compaction at the expense of product quality.

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is (perhaps) the best solution to soil compaction. CTF at 3 metres is probably the best solution. It combines the advantages of CTF with minimal land loss for tracks.

Built for optimum soil conservation

Healthy soil was the starting point for Paul van Ham when developing our machines. Together with 7 Dutch arable farmers, he listed all the requirements and developed a completely new EOX. With our new concept, we are able to distribute the weight and tractive power much better over the soil and always maximize the power. With four steering wheels, we achieve maximum maneuverability that you will enjoy every day. The electric drive is strong, quiet and super smooth. You only have to choose whether to move the drive lever forward or backward, the rest is done for you. Now available with an economical diesel range extender, completely battery and hydrogen powered.

Incredibly powerful and robust

175 ePK

Built for the toughest jobs
That’s why we’ve introduced the new term ePK
Because electric motors are simply more powerful than diesel engines

Random Traffic Farming

A standard tractor without GPS causes soil compaction everywhere. In one season, every square metre is covered. All the soil is evenly compacted. Is that what appeals to you?

The advantage of CTF

CTF is the fastest and cheapest solution to soil compaction. You can harvest more, of a better quality. And perhaps more importantly, you will have more workable days on the land.

Designed for convenience and performance

The EOX 175 is made for the field. The basis for healthy products is laid there. Together with the CTF method, the EOX 175 gives you all the possibilities to choose the best for your farm: healthy soil and good logistic capacity to get the job done. No other system can better unite your needs.

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