175 ePK
Hybrid, full electric or hydrogen
150 kWh
Up to 450 kWh on board
Adjustable track width

Super agile steering

With all-wheel steering, the turning radius is only 9.6 m. We have combined for you the maneuverability of a small tractor with all the advantages of a wide 3.20 m system. Turning short circles is not only a lot of fun, it speeds up capacity enormously.
With our special pirouette steering, the EOX175 even turns on its axis.

Adjustable track width

CTF at 3.20 metres works great. That is why we offer a variable track width of 2.25 to 3.20 metres. This allows you to work in all cultivation systems. Depending on your implements, a track width of 2.25, 2.50 or 3.00 m is efficient for many crops. Adjustment is a breeze.

With a high ground clearance of 70 cm, you can drive through any crop without damage.

2 Wheel steering

Sometimes 2-wheel steering is sufficient. For example in the field with the GPS. You simply select 2-wheel steering on the joystick. 2-wheel steering with the rear wheels is just another button.

4 Wheel Hondegang

The 4-wheel steering switches to dog-like speed with a simple click. It can be used in the field, but also for cunning manoeuvring in tight spaces in the yard or in the barn.

4 Wheel steering

Our electric 4-wheel steering performs excellently. With 4-wheel steering, you are extremely manoeuvrable in all situations.

Pirouette steering

Just because you can: turn a pirouette like your little girl. How easy can it be, one simple click on the screen and your view becomes a panorama.

Software that really helps

The electric drive line is, of course, also electronically controlled. This offers many advantages. Steering and control of all tasks can be regulated very precisely. This means that the machine drives very smoothly and that the PTO can be used easily between 0-1000 rpm.

Operation is via a clear and easy-to-read touch screen. This can also be removed for remote control.


  • Load sensing pump with high output of 120 l/min
  • 6 proportional valves: four double acting
    valves (from 0/50 litres) at the rear and two at the front
  • Power Beyond: 120 litres at 210 bar
  • Dual-line trailer brake system
  • Pressureless return
210 Bar
System pressure
Proportional valves

Electric Powertrain

Our electric powertrain is stronger, smoother and requires less maintenance than a CVT. Wheels and PTO can be operated 100% accurately and independently. With the joystick you simply drive forwards or backwards. The rest is done for you!

You can control traction and wheel slip on any type of ground, ensuring the best fuel efficiency. Because 60% of the weight is on the front axle, you never need a front weight. PTO turns clockwise and anti-clockwise, depending on or independent of ground speed.

Pure electric traction with your choice of battery pack. A range extender is available with different engines: diesel, biogas or CNG. And in the near future there will be a hydrogen version.

All specifications

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